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Are You Relying on Salesforce’s Weekly Backup? Why Once a Week Just Isn’t Enough.

Apr 22, 2014 By: Andrea Lindzey Posted in: Backup, Salesforce

When we began developing Spanning Backup for Salesforce, the most common concern we heard amongst users and admins was that the manual, weekly backup and export of Salesforce data just wasn’t enough. Read More >

Don’t Gamble With Your Company’s Future - Read Our New, Free eBook

Apr 16, 2014 By: Andrea Lindzey Posted in: Backup, Google Apps, Salesforce

Are you confident that your data stored in SaaS applications like Salesforce and Google Apps is fully protected from loss? If you rely strictly on your cloud service provider’s security mechanisms, you are still vulnerable to hacking, sync malfunctions, human error, and more. Read More >

Do You Really Know the Difference Between Google Vault and Google Apps Backup Software?

Apr 10, 2014 By: Andrea Lindzey Posted in: Backup, Google Apps

Have you ever asked: “What is Google Vault?” “Does Vault do backup and recovery?” “Do I need Vault and a backup solution to remain compliant?” If so, keep reading! This article is your link to a free resource that fully explains the difference between Google Vault and backup and recovery solutions. Read More >

Spanning Quickly Responds to Heartbleed Threat - You’re in Good Hands

Apr 09, 2014 By: Andrea Lindzey Posted in: Cloud and Data Security

This week, the Heartbleed vulnerability appeared as big news calling user security and data privacy into question. We understand that our customers may be concerned about their data and account information within Spanning Backup, so we want to fully explain this issue and assure you that your data and personal information are completely safe with us. Read More >

Alzheimer’s Association® Stays Focused on Their Mission with Spanning Backup

Apr 07, 2014 By: Andrea Lindzey Posted in: Customers, Backup, Google Apps

After switching to Google Apps from Exchange because of the agility and collaborative capacity afforded by Google software suite, the Alzheimer's Association had several reasons to look for a backup solution. Read More >