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New Spanning Backup for Google Apps Features: Drive Restore Folders and Admin Tools

Nov 24, 2014 By: Lori Witzel, Product Marketing Manager, Spanning Posted in: Company News, Customers, Product News & Features, Google Apps

By listening to and learning from our customers, we continue to evolve Spanning Backup for Google Apps, delivering a better way to easily back up and restore data. In this release, we give admins more control over what their end users can access, and make it easier for users to view and restore their Google Drive data. Read More >

An Infographic Look at the Top 5 Reasons You Need Backup for Cloud Applications

Nov 19, 2014 By: Andrea Lindzey, Marketing Campaign Manager, Spanning Posted in: Industry, Cloud and Data Security, Backup

Research shows that cloud data loss is more pervasive than commonly thought, with around 58% of organizations reporting data loss in the last year. Do you know the leading causes of data loss in cloud applications? Read More >

Check Out the Tweet Stream From Our SaaS Data Protection Webinar

Nov 14, 2014 By: Andrea Bridges-Smith, Sr. Content Marketing Strategist, Spanning Posted in: Cloud and Data Security, Cloud Technology, Backup

Our latest webinar featured lively discussion from analyst Jason Buffington of ESG as well as our own CEO, Jeff Erramouspe, and our Director of Products, Mat Hamlin. All agreed that users need to #BackThatSaaSUp; here are the highlights. Read More >

New SaaS Applications Are Integrating to Prevent “App Fatigue”

Nov 12, 2014 By: Colin Carson, Marketing Specialist, Cirrus Insight Posted in: Industry, Cloud Technology, Salesforce

SaaS app marketplaces have been growing exponentially, filled with tools designed to make life easier. However, you eventually reach a point of diminishing returns when it comes to implementing new apps; they stop becoming beneficial and start becoming noise. This phenomenon has given rise to a whole new class of apps that plug in to other apps and to streamline the workflow of users who may be suffering from the “app fatigue” of switching back and forth between so many apps. Read More >

The Care and Feeding of Your Salesforce Data: Q&A with a Salesforce MVP

Nov 05, 2014 By: Matt Bingham, Engineer at BigAss and Salesforce MVP Posted in: Cloud and Data Security, Cloud Technology, Backup, Salesforce

Salesforce MVPs are chosen for their leadership, knowledge and expertise. Today we speak with Matt Bingham, an engineer with BigAss and a Salesforce MVP. Read on to get his tips for monitoring, protecting and “cleaning” Salesforce data. Read More >