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Alarming Findings In New Report: 58% Have Experienced SaaS Data Loss

Aug 26, 2014 By: Posted in: Industry, Cloud and Data Security, Backup

Though experts agree that relying on SaaS vendors to back up and restore your data is insufficient, that's exactly what much of the business world is doing, according to a new report from IDG Research. Read More >

Pioneering New Salesforce Backup Knowledge: Debunking Weekly Export Myths in Naperville

Aug 20, 2014 By: Posted in: Cloud and Data Security, Backup, Salesforce

Last Thursday’s gathering of admins and partners at DeVry University in Naperville was filled with a pragmatic pioneer spirit, as we explored the Salesforce Weekly Export and Spanning Backup for Salesforce. Read More >

Who’s Protecting Your SaaS Data? This Infographic Will Tell You

Aug 19, 2014 By: Posted in: Industry, Cloud and Data Security, Backup

If you’re under the impression that your SaaS provider has your cloud data 100% protected, you need to take a look at this infographic. Based on a new report from IDG Research, this infographic exposes the truth: leaving all of your cloud data security up to your SaaS provider leaves gaps where user error, hackers and more can wreak havoc. Read More >

Have You Missed Some of Our Backup & Restore Features? Watch Now

Aug 14, 2014 By: Posted in: Backup, Product News & Features, Google Apps

Spanning Backup for Google Apps has been providing Google backup and restore for a few years now, but there are a lot of new features you may not have seen yet. Watch the video below to get caught up on all of them. Read More >

Salesforce Backup and Restore Made Incredibly Easy: Watch It Now

Aug 12, 2014 By: Posted in: Backup, Product News & Features, Salesforce

We’ve been talking about Spanning Backup for Salesforce for a while now - especially now that it’s available for Salesforce1 Mobile - but now is your chance to see it in action. Read More >