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How to Back Up and Restore Your Salesforce Dashboards, Reports, and Data

Jan 28, 2015 By: Lori Witzel, Product Marketing Manager, Spanning Posted in: Cloud and Data Security, Backup, Salesforce

Have you ever tried to restore changed Salesforce data back to its original state, or to recover lost Salesforce data? It’s not as simple as you might think. The good news is that Salesforce has recently updated their knowledge base with new information on two use cases, as well as covering on how to handle general backup and restore scenarios. Read More >

Happy National Fun at Work Day from Spanning!

Jan 27, 2015 By: Andrea Bridges-Smith, Sr. Content Marketing Strategist, Spanning Posted in: Company News

Today is National Fun at Work Day, which is a subject we know a lot about here at Spanning! The creation of our great products is thanks in large part to the culture here, which lends itself to innovation and fun. To celebrate this very important holiday, we thought we’d let some of our employees share their favorite things about working here. Read More >

New Feature for Google Apps Backup: Now Even Easier to Back Up Shared Drive Files

Jan 21, 2015 By: Andy Rouse, Product Manager, Spanning Posted in: Customers, Product News & Features, Google Apps

We are continuing to add features to Spanning Backup for Google Apps that allow organizations to more easily manage their backups and ensure that shared data remains protected. That’s why we’ve introduced domain-wide shared Drive backup settings. Read More >

Cloud Experts at Tquila Trust Spanning Backup for Google Apps and Salesforce to Protect Their Data

Jan 21, 2015 By: Andrea Lindzey, Marketing Campaign Manager, Spanning Posted in: Customers, Backup, Google Apps, Salesforce

Tquila technology consultants help their customers get the most out of the cloud, providing integration, implementation, and insight solutions for Salesforce users across the globe. Truly born in the cloud, Tquila not only services SaaS users, but also runs their company in cloud, utilizing applications like Google Apps for Work and Salesforce to manage all communications, sales, and marketing tasks. Read More >

Cloud Data Security: The Best Way to Prepare for the Worst-Case Scenario

Jan 16, 2015 By: Mike Pav, VP of Engineering, Spanning Posted in: Industry, Cloud and Data Security, Cloud Technology

As business and technology professionals utilizing the cloud, we thankfully aren't required to wrestle alligators, defuse bombs, or engage in otherwise death-defying feats of heroism. Aside from the occasional traffic jam, our job hazards are usually limited to awkward moments in the breakroom and misplacing our favorite pen. Read More >