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Back Your SaaS Up at Dreamforce

Aug 27, 2015 By: Leslie Chunta, Senior Marketing Manager, Spanning Posted in: Company News, Industry, Backup, Salesforce

For those of us who live day-to-day in cloud apps like Salesforce, Dreamforce is our ultimate nirvana, a place where we can embrace the biggest and brightest in cloud technologies, meet fellow cloud warriors and get refreshed in rapidly evolving best practices and new trends in SaaS applications. Read More >

Are You Backing Up Your Entire Exchange Mailbox in Office 365?

Aug 24, 2015 By: Gina Rosenthal, Product Marketing Manager, Spanning Backup for Office 365 Posted in: Cloud and Data Security, Backup, Office 365

You’ve been hearing from us for a while that it’s important to protect the data you work with in SaaS applications such as Microsoft Office 365. Even though SaaS application providers do an excellent job of protecting your data from infrastructure or application failures, they can’t (and won’t) protect you from the mistakes your admins and users may make, nor will they protect you from malicious activity. Read More >

INFOGRAPHIC: Defending SaaS Applications from Data Loss - Don’t Play Games with Your Data!

Aug 17, 2015 By: Andrea Lindzey, Senior Campaign Manager, Spanning Posted in:

Did you know, 58% of businesses have experienced data loss in the past year? Cloud vendors diligently protect your data from mishaps and emergencies on their side of things; but preventing data loss is a two player game. Read More >

Protect Your SaaS: The Definitive Guide to Backup for Salesforce is Here!

Aug 13, 2015 By: Andrea Lindzey, Senior Campaign Manager, Spanning Posted in: Cloud and Data Security, Backup, Salesforce

Now that you know your way around Salesforce, it’s time to start thinking about protecting the critical data you store in this SaaS application. To help you better understand your ownership and responsibility for SaaS data, as well as learn how and why you need to properly protect it with cloud-to-cloud backup and restore, download The Definitive Guide to Backup for Salesforce. Read More >

The Cure for the Really Horrible Salesforce Admin Day

Aug 10, 2015 By: Lori Witzel, Product Marketing Manager and Salesforce MVP, Spanning Posted in: Backup, Product News & Features, Salesforce

If you’re a Salesforce Admin who uses bulk data loading tools, or who has integrated other apps like Pardot or Marketo with Salesforce, this blog post is for you. Read More >