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What is SaaS Metadata, and Why Do You Need to Protect It? Part I

Apr 23, 2015 By: Lori Posted in: Backup, Google Apps, Salesforce, Office 365

If you’re a SaaS application administrator (for example, you manage Google for Work, or Salesforce, or Office 365) and don’t know much about the importance of metadata for your SaaS apps, you’re not alone. Read More >

Tired of the Weekly Salesforce Export? Volusion Found a Better Way with Spanning.

Apr 14, 2015 By: Andrea Lindzey Posted in: Customers, Backup, Salesforce

When Stephanie Herrera became Volusion’s Salesforce application manager, one of the first things she investigated was how the company was currently backing up data in this crucial SaaS application that acts as “the central nervous system” of the business, according to Herrera. Read More >

Saving Your Bacon on World Backup Day (and Every Other Day)

Mar 31, 2015 By: Andrea Lindzey Posted in: Customers, Industry, Backup

Happy World Backup Day from Spanning! It’s our favorite day of the year here at Spanning -- a day that reminds the world about the importance of backup and restore for SaaS applications. Read More >

The View from the Clouds: What It Means to Be Part of Spanning by EMC

Mar 23, 2015 By: Andrea Lindzey Posted in: Company News

Most people dread the question, “How do you like your job?” Familiar responses often range from, “It pays the bills,” to, “It depends what mood my boss is in!” But that’s not what you’ll hear from anyone at Spanning, the leading provider of SaaS data protection solutions. Read More >

What You Need to Know About Salesforce’s Recycle Bin

Mar 19, 2015 By: Andrea Lindzey Posted in: Backup, Salesforce

In order to protect users from accidentally losing data, Salesforce has provided the Recycle Bin. If any important data disappears, administrators and certain users have the option of restoring that data from the Recycle Bin. Read More >