Spanning Backup Enters Beta

Spanning Backup Beta After months of development, we’re happy to announce that Spanning Backup is now available for beta testing.

We’ve tested the system internally, but we expect to find more bugs during the beta program and may periodically purge all stored data.

DO NOT use this beta backup system for critical data. Please report bugs on the Spanning Backup discussion forum or via email to

Known Issues:

  • Not yet compatible with Internet Explorer (works with Chrome, Safari, and Firefox)
  • Not yet optimized for performance
  • Documents that existed both in the root and in a folder when backed up will be restored only into the folder, not into the root.
  • Documents may lose some formatting after being restored. Google doesn’t currently offer a full-fidelity export format for Google Docs so we use Microsoft Office (doc, ppt, and xls) as the backup format, but some formatting doesn’t survive the round trip.
  • Restoring a backed-up non-native document (e.g., an .mp3 file) to a Google Apps Standard Edition account fails silently. Only Premium Edition users will be able to restore non-native files from backup.
  • Files larger than 32MB cannot yet be backed up or restored, and attempting to do so may result in an error.
  • If a contact belongs to multiple groups and more than one of those groups is restored at the same time, multiple copies of the contact will be created, one in each of multiple “Restored from…” groups.
  • The user must have configured Google Calendar in order to log into Spanning Backup.We appreciate your help testing Spanning Backup, and look forward to a full release as soon as the remaining bugs in the system have—with your help—been found and fixed.