Zen and the Art of Google Apps Backup

Yesterday, I noticed that one of my most important folders was missing from its usual spot. It’s the folder where I keep my monthly and quarterly reports – the reports that tell me how effectively I’m doing my job.

It’s my most important folder.

Normally, this kind of data loss would induce a lot of anxiety – a sharp intake of breath, widened eyes, pounding heartbeat and a nauseous feeling in my stomach. But my reaction was, “Hmm.”

I told myself I was going to search for the folder to see if it still existed and had just been moved, and if not, I’d restore it from my last backup and everything would be fine. No panic. No drama. It was like the Dalai Lama was having a cup of chamomile tea with Buddha at my desk, I was so calm.

The folder had gotten dropped in the folder right above it. I put it back and harmony was restored. But as I reflected on the experience, I marveled at how much of a non-event misplacing my most important files had been.

Gendun Drup, 1st Dalai Lama

Gendun Drup, 1st Dalai Lama (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Data loss can be disastrous. It can mean the loss of your reputation, your work, your clients or your livelihood. There’s a very good reason why most people panic when they realize something is missing. But Spanning Backup users don’t. Living with Spanning Backup gives you the ability to remain calm in the face of disaster. It’s panic insurance.

Here’s how some of our customers feel about using Spanning Backup for their Google Apps backup:

“I put so much effort into my classroom website. I know that Google tries to never lose any data but what a relief to have such an easy way to back things up. Also, now I feel better about giving write access to the site to parents and students.”  – Thomas Keeler, 5/14/13

“The app works flawlessly and seamlessly with Google Apps. The folks at Spanning are very responsive to questions or concerns. It is very easy to see your backups and to restore. The service provides peace of mind.”  – David Enzel, 7/30/13

“A must have app for anyone using Google Drive. Spanning gives us peace of mind when dealing with the sometimes unpredictable world of Google Drive. The fact that we can go back to any day to restore files is fantastic. Highly recommended!”  – Tim Jasper 7/16/13

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