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Learn why Kendra Scott Jewelry chose Spanning for top-rated data protection and availability for their applications.

SaaS Backup and Recovery You Can Count On


Spanning Backup for Google Apps

Spanning delivers the highest standards for Google Apps Backup and recovery in the industry with a 100% restore guarantee.

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Spanning Backup for Salesforce

Spanning offers the first Salesforce backup and restore solution to be delivered directly through the Salesforce user interface for all data.

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Our Customers

We don’t just have customers - we have fans. Whether it’s because we’ve saved them from a potential data loss disaster, or because our product is delightfully intuitive, our customers are always excited to share their love for Spanning. But don’t take our word for it.


Our customers

Accurate Restore. 100% Guaranteed.

What good is backup if you can’t restore it? At Spanning, we understand that time is money, and getting back to business as quickly as possible is key. That’s why we’ve designed the industry’s most fine-tuned, accurate restore process to bring your Google Apps data back exactly the way it was from any point in time - and fast.

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Thousands Trust Us with Their Critical Data

Many cloud application users are surprised to learn that their SaaS vendors can’t help them recover data when mistakes happen on the user’s side. But Spanning steps in to fill these gaps in data protection, ensuring that your data is always accessible with daily, automated cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery in just a few clicks.

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Still wondering why you may need a cloud application backup and recovery solution for your critical cloud data? Want a quote and a trial run? We’re happy to answer all your questions.

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