About Spanning

Spanning BackupSpanning was created with a singular purpose: to help companies protect and manage their information so they can be fearless in the cloud. We provide powerful, reliable, enterprise-class backup and recovery for organizations that would suffer significant business interruption as a result of lost data in SaaS applications, including Google Apps and Salesforce.

Spanning proudly offers rapid, accurate data recovery, maintains world-class security standards, and extends our users the best customer experience in the industry from product, to purchase, to support. We put our customers at the center of all we do, protecting their data like our own to give them the confidence to run business-critical applications and store data in the cloud.

Peace of mind comes standard with Spanning Backup, in addition to the most fine-tuned and user-friendly features on the market. If your business relies on the cloud, you should rely on Spanning.

Who we are

Our first priority at Spanning is providing unquestionable value to our customers. Through constant evolution of product, process, and thinking, we provide the most advanced technology and friendly, professional service possible. This takes a lot of hard work, but we’re happy to do it to keep our customers satisfied.

Of course, we wouldn’t be as great at what we do if we didn’t have a little fun, too. At Spanning, we balance hard work with hardcore ping pong matches, foosball tournaments, and a multi-media room filled with video games like PacMan and Atari. If there’s any remaining steam to blow off, we’ve got a Push Up Club (the first rule: you do not talk about Push Up Club) and biweekly company-sponsored fitness sessions. We also have Book Club, Anti-Book Club, and regular happy hours, host industry events like Spantöberfest during Austin Startup Week and SXSW, and round off each week with a company lunch featuring meals from local hotspots.

Our people (and pets) are as engaging as our cultural enrichment activities, too. We’re a diverse crew ranging from international athletes to devoted mothers and fathers; bold thinkers, fresh out of school, to seasoned industry experts that provide this unique company with wisdom and direction. Together, we create a team that has helped Spanning thrive, because we have at least one important thing in common: we love our jobs (and, heck, we even like each other quite a bit, too!). We’re lucky to be members of the Austin, Texas technology and startup communities, and with that privilege comes the responsibility to represent our city and our industry with world-class products, performance, and personality. If that sounds like a challenge you’d be excited to take on, visit our careers page to apply to be part of the team.