Meet Spanning

Spanning was created with a singular purpose: to help companies protect and manage their SaaS information. We strive to find a better way to develop software and to deliver services to customers so they can redefine what's possible for customers moving to the cloud.

One Team. Tons of Personality.

To create the best, we hire the best - so you can be confident that our products are built with passion and top-industry talent. Our management team  brings together multi-talented individuals to create a solid team that’s helpful, fun, innovative, driven, open, and accountable. 

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    The Ten Truths of Spanning

    In the constantly evolving landscape of the cloud, you need an ally to back you up no matter what, giving you the confidence to innovate, collaborate, and fully leverage the cloud to move your business forward like never before. We get it. And we’ve got your back.

  • NO.1

    Backup isn't sexy, but it's vital.

    It protects your company from data loss and ensures data availability and compliance.

  • NO.2

    Trust and transparency are a given, not a privilege.

    We speak to customers, improve our products, and conduct ourselves with these values in mind.

  • NO.3

    People & products over profits

    Customers are not piggy banks, they’re people. And we treat them the way we want to be treated, because we don’t just care about doing business, we care about doing good business.

    People and Products
  • NO.4

    Innovative thinking leads to superior products.

    Spanning was founded as a way to break away from how “things have always been done” to explore the way things should be done, and we try to live up to this spirit of innovation each day.

  • NO.5

    Writing quality code is a core part of our culture.

    Our engineers care deeply about the details because they know that entire enterprises are on the line. That’s why everything we put out is peer-reviewed and rigorously tested for quality before it reaches our customers.

    quality code
  • NO.6

    Your problems are our problems

    In the rare instance a customer reports a problem, it becomes our top priority to resolve it. No matter how big or small the customer, we’ll never leave you hanging.

  • NO.7

    Backup is only as good as the recovery that comes with it.

    In a moment of panic, you should be able to recover your data without thinking, and get it back exactly the way it was before. That’s our 100% restore guarantee.

  • NO.8

    Airtight data security is non-negotiable.

    We’re your safety deposit box in the sky, and we make it our business to maintain world-class security credentials to match.

  • NO.9

    Seamless usability should come standard.

    We may sell enterprise-grade software, but we believe in consumer-quality experiences for every person that touches our products.

  • NO.10

    One price - unlimited storage

    We don’t think you should have to pay extra for something we know you’ll need in the future. We give you a fair price for full freedom in the cloud from the start.


Working at Spanning

We consider ourselves lucky to be part of EMC and Austin’s technology and startup communities. With that privilege comes the responsibility to represent our city and our industry with world-class products, performance, and personality. If that sounds like a challenge you’d be excited to take on, apply to be part of the team.

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Our Customers

We don’t just have customers - we have fans . Whether it’s because we’ve saved them from a potential data loss disaster, or because our product is delightfully intuitive, our customers are always excited to share their love for Spanning. But don't take our word for it .




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