Spanning's Mobile Google Apps Admin Tool

Google Apps monitoring on the go

In Google Apps environments with multiple admins or super admins, sometimes it can be difficult to keep track of what changes were made to the domain, who made them, and when. Audit Log for Google Apps is the Google Apps admin tool that not only allows admins to investigate changes in the past, but allows them to easily monitor these changes in real-time with push notifications.


Audit Log for Google Apps allows admins to:

  • Google Apps monitoring to see important changes to domain settings
  • Audit actions by other administrators in a domain
  • Review the history of all Google Apps domain changes
  • See Google Apps reporting

Tracks a wide range of settings

  • Calendar Settings
  • Chat Settings
  • Delegated Administrator
  • Documents Settings
  • Domain Settings
  • Email Settings
  • Group Settings
  • Mobile Settings
  • Organization Settings
  • Sites Settings
  • User Settings

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  • Google Apps administrator credentials are required to use this app
  • Google Apps Provisioning API must be enabled for your domain to use this app