Google Apps 100% Restore Guarantee

Get the First Guaranteed Solution Ever

Spanning Backup for Google Apps is the most trusted SaaS application data backup and restore solution on the market today. In fact, we guarantee it 100%. With enterprise-grade, robust backup and recovery capabilities, it protects all of your business’ Google Apps data from costly, and sometimes catastrophic, data loss – allowing users to get data back exactly the way it was in just a few clicks.


The First Data Restore Guarantee of Its Kind

Spanning’s Google Apps 100% Restore Guarantee is the first data restore guarantee of its kind offered for cloud application (or SaaS) backup data. It demonstrates a clear commitment to delivering the highest standards for backup and recovery in the industry.

Easy as 1-2-3

The basics of the guarantee are:

  • If we can back it up, we will restore it back into Google Apps;
  • If we can’t back it up, we will tell our customers that we can’t;
  • If we fail to restore the data we backed up, we will give our customers 10x the money back for 1 year of the individual account.





One of the main reasons we switched to Spanning from a competitive product was transparency. With Spanning’s granular status reporting, we know exactly what was backed up at each point-in-time and trust that anything successfully backed up can be restored.

Arne Plum, Business and Data Application Specialist, VIF International Education

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