3 Fascinating Reasons Why Backup Is NOT Boring

Getting people to think about backup is often tricky because people think it’s…well, boring. And we understand how people could get that impression, we really do! It’s much more convenient to “set it and forget it” or to never get around to setting it at all. But we think the world of backup is fascinating, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t share the magic with you so that you can be fascinated too.

Here’s a few reasons why backup gets our blood pumping:

1. Data Loss : The Horror!

Ever had a moment where you lost an important piece of data? Your pulse starts to race, your stomach drops, your adrenaline surges and your mouth forms an O shape as you gasp. Wes Craven wishes he could scare people this bad.

2. Really Big Data

See how much data storage space you have available today. Then see how much you have free tomorrow. Multiply the difference by 365 to approximate how much data you’re generating in a year. Then multiply that by the number of people in your office. Or multiply it by the number of people in your state or country or in the world. It’s kind of fascinating to think about how much data we generate, isn’t it? And doesn’t it make you wonder, “Where does it all GO?” And for that matter, “What would we do without it?”

3. Mastering Recovery

Have you ever recovered lost data? It’s so exciting! Knowing that you have complete control over your data at all times and that none of it can ever be taken away from you gives you this “I am the master of my own destiny, mwahahaha” kind of feeling that is just awesome.

By now, your pulse should be pounding! OK, maybe it’s not exactly like going on an upside-down roller coaster, but now you know why thinking about backup doesn’t need to be a snoozefest! It’s actually quite fascinating when you get down to it. And now you know why we get out of bed in the morning and think about backup all day!

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