4 Common Backup Errors: Spanning Backup Can Help!

A recent article in Tech Republic outlines several common backup errors that people make, and although the article is targeted at Mac users, these errors apply to anyone using a device that contains or is used to access important data. Let’s take a look at these errors and see how Spanning can help with them:


Not Having Backup

This is something we can obviously help Google Workspace users with since we sell backup, but first, let’s dive into why people don’t back up. The most common objections are:

  1. I don’t really need it, which is something you say right up to the point where you lose important data and people come looking for you.
  2. I don’t have time to think about it. If you’re looking for more free time in your schedule to think about backup, getting fired for failing to protect your company’s information might not be the best way to get it.
  3. It’s too expensive, which, weighed against the idea that each MB of data is worth $10,000 suddenly makes backup seem very affordable.

There is a long list of potential threats to your data to think about, and if you’re too busy or simply don’t want to do so, one of them will find its way to you. And on that day, you’ll start spending a lot of time thinking about how quickly you can get backup in place.


Unmonitored Backup

With Spanning Backup, you can choose to get daily, weekly or monthly updates on your backups. You can also log in and see at a glance whether or not your backups are functioning properly and why.

There are several reasons why all of your files might not be properly backed up in Google Workspace, such as:

  • The file got corrupted somewhere along the way
  • The file type is not one that Google Workspace supports
  • A sync between your local Google Drive folder and the online version did not complete properly

It’s important to know when a file has not been properly backed up so that you can take action to correct the problem. That’s why we don’t hide that information from you; there’s no use telling you that everything’s fine when it’s not because when you go looking for that file and can’t find a working version of it, you’re going to want to know why you weren’t told about it in time to do something.

Ideally, backup would be a “set it and forget it” kind of thing. And for the most part, it is. But if you fail to monitor your backup at all, problems can arise and snowball into something larger than they need to be. So set it, have a look once a week or so to make sure everything’s looking good, correct any minor problems before they become major ones, and then forget about it until the next time you need to take a quick peek.

Insufficient Storage

Spanning Backup offers unlimited storage for every user. Period. No per terabyte pricing tiers, no keeping an eye on storage limits and managing them and discovering after it’s too late that someone’s exceeded their limit. You have enough to worry about! Decide what items you want to back up or just back it all up by default. Same price. No limits. Isn’t that just easier?

Insecure Storage

We take data security VERY seriously, which is why:

  • Spanning Backup operates within the Amazon Web Services cloud, which is ISO 27001 certified, has completed multiple SAS-70 Type II audits, and publishes a SOC 1 report under both the SSAE 16 and the ISAE 3402 professional standards.
  • We’re SSAE 16 Type II compliant.
  • We protect data in transit with 128-bit SSL and at rest with 256-bit AES encryption.
  • We constantly guard against intrusion with log analysis, file integrity checking, policy monitoring, rootkit detection, real-time alerting, and active response.
  • Access to production servers is granted only to named Spanning employees who have specific operational requirements. Changes to the production environment access control list are tracked and auditable.
  • We’ve earned TRUSTe privacy and security seals.
  • We’re certified under the US-EU and US-Swiss Safe Harbor Frameworks.

If you’re going to choose a backup provider, they must have impeccable security credentials. Your data deserves nothing less.

Backup is not something people like to think about (except for us – we live for it!), which is why it often gets done incorrectly or not at all. But it’s imperative to the ongoing health of your business that backup is done and done correctly. Trust us – when the worst happens, you’ll be in total agreement faster than you can imagine.

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