Alarming Findings In New Report: 58 percent Have Experienced SaaS Data Loss

Though experts agree that relying on SaaS vendors to back up and restore your data is insufficient, that’s exactly what much of the business world is doing, according to a new report from IDG Research.

“That’s a scary proposition,” says Jason Buffington, senior analyst and data protection expert at Enterprise Strategy Group Inc. But that’s not all. Other alarming findings in the report included:

  • 58% of businesses surveyed have experienced SaaS data loss in the past year.
  • Nearly half of organizations are relying on their SaaS provider for backup, even though most providers have no backup plan for data loss caused by end users.
  • 95% of organizations believe their SaaS provider can/will easily restore their lost data, which is often incorrect.

Almost two-thirds of businesses have experienced data loss and yet most have no plan for recovering from a data loss incident other than “My SaaS provider will get it back. Right?”

Wrong. SaaS providers have no way of knowing if the request they received from a user to delete data was intentional, malicious or erroneous, and therefore treats all data deletion requests the same way: they carry them out, no questions asked. If the request was malicious or mistaken, you’re left holding the bag.

To learn more about how you can avoid becoming a data loss statistic, you can read the full IDG report here. There’s never been a better time to educate yourself about the risk of data loss so that you can avoid it.

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