An Advanced Look at Our New Product: Spanning Backup for Salesforce

Recently, our CEO, Jeff Erramouspe, shared why Spanning chose to develop a backup and recovery solution for Among the reasons are the desire to expand our product portfolio to address SaaS applications beyond Google Apps and the need for a better alternative to the backup experience Salesforce users are currently offered.

My job is to ensure the execution of both of these objectives, looking ahead to anticipate business needs and evolving new and existing products to exceed customer expectations.

Spanning Backup for Salesforce delivers on these goals. It represents a significant step down the path of growth that Spanning will undergo in the near future, and yet comes with the promise of extreme usability and the personal, friendly, and professional support that our current customers know and love.

In simple terms, Spanning Backup for Salesforce is a cloud application that backs up all your Salesforce data and customizations and allows you to recover data from any previous point in time. Just like our trusted backup and recovery solution for Google Apps, data is backed up to our private and secure sector of the Amazon S3 cloud and is protected with strict security standards. Some people will get to experience our new product immediately through beta testing (you can too by clicking here), but for those waiting until the full release next year, I’ll be providing a sneak peak of our latest product offering in a multi-part series that will help you get to know Spanning Backup for Salesforce, starting in January 2014.

In each installment, I’ll be reviewing a customer S.O.S (Setback on and explaining how our software solves the biggest and most common problems users experience.  If you’ve got an S.O.S of your own, send it our way, and stay tuned in January to see if your S.O.S makes the series, plus learn how you can avoid these familiar dilemmas in Salesforce:

  • Having to visit a third party site to initiate backup
  • Data loss and inefficiencies due to weekly, manual backups
  • Lack of transparency or insight into backup process
  • Exceeding your Salesforce API limit

You can learn even more about Spanning Backup for Salesforce in our monthly interactive webinar, happening tomorrow! We’ll demonstrate the software and answer any questions; just click to sign up for the upcoming session, and be sure to visit our blog throughout the next month to read the entire New Product Report series – I might just be answering your S.O.S.