Announcing Spanning’s New 2018 Logo

As we’ve evolved over the past seven plus years, so has our visual brand identity.  Our logo has served us well as we’ve grown from an Austin-based tech start-up to what is now a global company supporting three SaaS products. We now have more than 8,100 customers, 1.5 million global users, and data centers in the EU, Australia and North America.

It hasn’t been easy getting to this place, and our logo’s evolution reflects our path. We were founded in 2010, acquired by EMC in 2014, and then Dell and EMC merged in 2016. In April 2017, we were spun-out and acquired by Insight Venture Partners.


Spanning Cloud Apps Logo Evolution

That’s a lot of change for one logo. We needed to re-establish our standalone identity in 2018, and the affectionately called “Cheese Grater” symbol no longer conveyed what Spanning had become.

So, this fall we set forth with our design partner Slide UX to create a logo that better defines who we are today and what we are becoming. We also wanted a standalone app icon to support our brand as we expand into new marketplaces.

Our goal was to continue to convey a forward-thinking, visual language of backup and restore, just as Spanning puts the pieces back together after a data loss event. After many iterations, and design discussions, we couldn’t be more proud to introduce our new logo.

Spanning New Logo 2018

And now the real work begins. Our marketing team embraces agile methodologies, historically used for software development, to manage our projects. Executing a logo refresh is no easy task — our Trello board has at least 80 cards to cover all of our assets and outposts. But I think it’s worth it, don’t you?

Let us know what you think about our new logo in the comments or share with us on Twitter. How do you coordinate with different departments and teams when you have a large project to deliver?

And, just for fun, check out our 2017 Year in Review video (with a cameo appearance of the new logo coming in at the end).