Apps Admins Love: Shout-out to Spanning from Salesforce

App Secrets to Success for Salesforce AdminsSalesforce is showing some love for admins by highlighting their achievements and showcasing the Salesforce AppExchange apps they love most. We’re happy to report that Spanning Backup for Salesforce is among the 20 “heroic” apps that admins say they rely on to drive results. Considering there are hundreds of apps on the AppExchange, we’re pretty flattered to be in that select group.

In the Salesforce eBook, 25 Salesforce Admins Share Their App Secrets to Success 25 admins share their thoughts on the AppExchange apps they can’t live without. The eBook shines a spotlight on a Spanning Backup user Salesforce identifies as a “Featured Trailblazer” – their name for admins who are heroically discovering new and better paths to Salesforce success.

Here’s what featured admin Stephanie Herrera, Senior Salesforce Manager, and Salesforce MVP had to say about her experience using Spanning Backup for Salesforce:

“Once I took over the ownership of our Salesforce instance and realized that we had not been properly backing up our data, I freaked out; that is until I discovered Spanning. With Spanning, I don’t even have to think about backing up my data. Spanning should be in every admin’s toolbox.”

Thanks for the props, Stephanie and Salesforce! We’re happy to be among the apps Salesforce admins can’t live without as they continue their trailblazing work. Get your copy of 25 Salesforce Admins Share Their App Secrets to Success from Salesforce today.