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Emily Hurn

Announcing Spanning’s New 2018 Logo

As we’ve evolved over the past seven plus years, so has our visual brand identity.  Our logo has served us well as we’ve grown from an Austin-based tech start-up to what is now a global company supporting three SaaS products. We now have more than 8,100 customers, 1.5 million global users, and data centers in […]


Alzheimer’s Association

After switching to G Suite from Exchange because of the agility and collaborative capacity afforded by Google software suite, the Alzheimer’s Association had several reasons to look for a backup solution.


How to Move Your Company to the Cloud: Q&A with a Director of IT and Cloud Architect

In the last decade, cloud computing in the enterprise environment has gone from the hot new fad for tech-savvy companies, to a growing trend supported by positive empirical outcomes, to the proven way of the future for companies that want to rapidly scale, innovate, and nimbly adapt to market demands.