Articles By Emily Hurn

Emily Hurn

Senior Manager, Marketing Automation

As the Senior Manager of Marketing Automation, Emily brings 5+ years of experience in technical marketing to Spanning. She is responsible for the daily management and monitoring of email communications with our customer and lead database, as well as maintaining database compliance. Emily holds a B.A. in Studio Art, B.A. in Spanish, and Business Foundations certificate from the University of Texas at Austin.

How to Move Your Company to the Cloud: Q&A with a Director of IT and Cloud Architect

In the last decade, cloud computing in the enterprise environment has gone from the hot new fad for tech-savvy companies, to a growing trend supported by positive empirical outcomes, to the proven way of the future for companies that want to rapidly scale, innovate, and nimbly adapt to market demands.


Spanning Backup Quietly Handles Data Protection for Mannheim District 83

Jay Duff is the Network Administrator for Mannheim School District 83 in Franklin Park, IL. As a seasoned IT professional, he knew switching to Google Apps for Education also meant switching data protection services, which is why he went looking for a solution like Spanning Backup.