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Gina Rosenthal

Gina Rosenthal, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Spanning Backup for Office 365

Office 365 Data Protection: Part 2 – Litigation Hold

Part 2: Litigation Hold In part 1, we discussed how you need to rely on more than the default retention times in Exchange Online to fully protect your data from accidental deletion. In part 2, we’ll discuss if Litigation Hold is a good-enough data protection solution for Office 365. Does Microsoft protect against human error? […]


Office 365 Data Protection: Part 1 – Is Doing Nothing Really Good Enough?

Spanning Backup for Office 365 is backup as a service for Office 365 Mail, Calendars, and OneDrive for Business. We do the backups, and restores, that you would have done on-premises for these applications. People still ask us…”Wait, doesn’t Microsoft do this for me?” After all, you pay Microsoft a monthly per-user fee to host […]


Why Isn’t Every Day SysAdmin Day?

Today is the 17th annual SysAdmin day, a day created for SysAdmins by SysAdmins because no one ever really gives you credit for the work you do. It seems to be adding insult to injury that this is only one day out of 365. And even on that one day, if you are good at […]


Making Your Experience with Spanning Backup for Office 365 Even Easier

Now that we’re past Mardi Gras, those of us who grew up in the Deep South know that it’s time to start getting ready for the growing season by preparing our gardens, doing some spring cleaning, and generally getting everything ready so we can enjoy warm sunny days that will be here quickly.


Think Twice About Using Litigation Hold to Protect Your Data in Office 365

The migration is happening now! People are determining which workloads they can send to the cloud, and many are choosing to migrate their Microsoft Office productivity tools to Office 365.


Spanning Backup for Office 365 Extends Data Protection to Calendars

We are happy to announce that Spanning Backup for Office 365 now protects Calendars in Exchange Online. With today’s announcement , Spanning now provides automated and on-demand backup along with quick and easy restores for Calendars in Office 365.


7 tips for making the most of Office 365 for enterprise

When you implement a cloud solution like Office 365 into your enterprise, you are taking a powerful step towards enhanced productivity, efficiency, and accessibility. But, with new features being added all the time, it’s difficult to keep track of all the awesome tools at your disposal. In this article, you’ll find seven tips for making the most of Office 365 for your enterprise!