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Heather Malec

Director of Content Strategy

I shape and share stories that build strong brands, generate engagement, and drive sales. In my 20 years of experience as a marketing and communications leader, I’ve partnered with senior leadership and managed international teams in organizations ranging from global professional services firms to tech startups and B2B marketing agencies.Every organization has its own dynamic story to tell. I work across Spanning to showcase our culture and solutions through compelling and creative multi-channel brand, content and social strategies.I have a master of science in journalism from Northwestern University and a bachelor of science in public policy and environmental science from Indiana University.

Take the Pledge to Prevent a Ransomware Disaster: World Backup Day 2018

Friends Don’t Let Friends Go Without a Backup. While backup is vital every day, use World Backup Day — March 31, 2018 —to urge your colleagues and friends to take the pledge to use a backup solution.


Building Cybersecurity: Understanding What’s at Risk

To properly address cybersecurity, you need to have the functional capabilities to identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover. The first step in developing a cybersecurity strategy is to identify the risks present.


10 Reasons You Need SaaS Data Protection

Protect your business-critical data from loss and stay compliant and productive with a backup and restore solution. Here are our top 10 reasons why you need SaaS Data Protection. What would you add to the list? 1. SaaS vendors can’t protect you from yourself (or others). If you accidentally delete a file or record, or […]


2018: The Year of SaaS Data Protection

We’re calling it. We’ve been in the business of backing up your SaaS data for many years now. And while there’s never been a time when cloud-to-cloud backup should not have been a priority, we think that, in 2018, the need for SaaS data backup is more important than ever. So, in addition to being […]


What We’re Reading at Spanning

2017 has already been quite a year for all of us at Spanning. From going independent (again) in April to adding more than 10 new staff members this summer, it should be no surprise that our summertime reading would reflect our changing times. Here’s what some of our team members are reading—and recommending to friends—as […]


Can You Count on Your Data Protection Vendor to be Resilient?

Failures happen. Whether it’s a flat tire, a ransomware attack, or a service outage of a SaaS application that you rely on, it isn’t a question of if but when. To be fully prepared for a SaaS data loss event you need to have a strong recovery plan and you need to test it to […]