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Kat Karpinski

Healthcare IT & Cloud Security: Top 4 Data Considerations

The healthcare industry is changing how it delivers patient care. With technology that enables greater collaboration for patient care, and with patient care delivery models shifting toward telemedicine and self-served healthcare, healthcare IT (HIT) finds itself thrust into the world of online collaboration platforms, SaaS, and cloud computing. As a highly regulated industry in which […]


Data Sovereignty and the Cloud: Are You Compliant?

The rapid adoption and popularity of cloud and SaaS applications such as Microsoft Office 365 and Salesforce have introduced a better way to collaborate and share data, and have provided businesses with improvements in efficiency and lowered IT costs. SaaS and cloud computing are changing the paradigm for how we work. As you move to […]


Protect Your Organization Against Ransomware Attacks in Three Easy Steps

It happened. Over  the last few years, security experts and technologists alike have been talking about the potential impact of a global ransomware attack, and on a Friday morning, starting in the UK and rippling across Europe and Asia Pacific, more than 200,000 computers in 150 countries were compromised. As organizations assess the overall impact, […]


Spanning Backup for Office 365 Extends Global Data Protection to Australia and New Zealand

Back in September, we announced that our backup and restore solution for Office 365, the best way for businesses to protect their Office 365 data, was expanding overseas for the first time with a data center in Dublin, Ireland. We were thrilled to have Office 365 users across Europe join the Spanning family, knowing they […]