Articles By Mat Hamlin

Mat Hamlin

VP of Products

As VP of Products, Mat is responsible for understanding the needs of Spanning’s customers and defining the future of the company’s innovative line of products for protecting data in the cloud. Mat brings 15 years of experience managing, marketing, designing, delivering, and supporting enterprise software products. His career spans five Austin start-ups and two technology market leaders. Mat holds a BS in MIS and an MBA, both from Oklahoma State University.

What Yesterday’s Gmail Attack Taught Us

Data Protection is a shared responsibility. The Internet was all abuzz yesterday when a sophisticated Gmail phishing attack hit.  The rogue email, often appearing to be sent from one of your contacts, masqueraded as a Google Docs sharing request, but in actuality was a link that requests the user to grant access to an application [...]


Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover: Mitigating the Risks of Cyber Security

The news headlines about cybersecurity threats and ransomware attacks seem to be a daily occurrence, both in IT industry news and in the mainstream media. And it’s scary. Here are a few headlines from just this week: After the NSA hack: Cybersecurity in an even more vulnerable world 'Massive' Locky ransomware campaign targets hospitals Hackers [...]


The Misconceptions and Realities of Data Protection in Cloud-based Office Productivity Suites Today

Speaking with customers and prospects is the Spanning product team’s number one priority, and we continue to hear some common themes related to SaaS data protection. It’s always nice to see our findings confirmed by others, “