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Shyam Oza

Director of Product Management

As Director of Product Management, Shyam is responsible for understanding the needs of Spanning’s G Suite and Salesforce customers and defining the future of the company’s innovative line of products for protecting data in the cloud. Shyam brings 10 years of experience managing, marketing, designing, delivering, and supporting enterprise software products. Over the years he has done everything from teach video game design to transforming legacy enterprise business models to fully take advantage of SaaS technology and Agile methodologies. Shyam graduated from the New Jersey Institute of Technology with a B.A. in Information Systems and holds a CSPO® (Certified Product Owner) certification from the Scrum Alliance.

What To Do When Google Calendar Goes Down

Google Calendar was down across the United States and parts of Europe, South America, Asia, and Africa for almost three hours on June 18, 2019. Were you without access? Or did you have a solution like Spanning Backup for G Suite in place to keep you up and running?