Back Up and Restore Google Sites with Structure Intact

I was happy to see our friends at Backupify bring up the importance of structure in your Google Workspace data in their recent blog post. But I was surprised too, since their product’s inability to restore that very structure is one of its greatest weaknesses.

Previously, I’ve written about the importance of backing up and restoring your folder structure in Google Drive. But today I want to talk about Google Sites backup solutions.

Like most web sites, Google Sites are structured as a hierarchy of pages, images, and other assets. When you backup Google Sites data, it’s critically important to back up not only the assets themselves but also the structure that organizes them.

When you restore a site—or a subsection of a site, as is often the case—those pages and images need to be organized the same way they were when they were backed up. That’s how Spanning Backup works.

When evaluating backup products for Google Workspace, make sure you understand what they do and don’t do. Spanning Backup backs up and restores Google Sites, including not only site assets but also site structure. Backupify backs up your Sites data but doesn’t even have a restore function, let alone one that restores your sites with their structure intact.

At Spanning, our policy is that if we can back it up, we can restore it. If we can’t back it up, we tell our customers that we can’t – no secrets here.

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