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Case Study: Spanning Backup Saves 9Gauge From a Bad Google Workspace File Sync

Every data sync can’t be perfect, which Joe Cohen found out when he received a frantic call from one of his coworkers wondering where their shared documents had suddenly gone. The coworker’s file sync had overwritten Joe’s earlier sync, which had caused the folder in question to be suddenly empty. Luckily, Joe had Spanning Backup installed.


What Are Users Saying About Spanning Backup?

One of the greatest parts of working at Spanning is that people say nice things about us on a frequent basis. Reading notes from happy clients is a great way to spend the day! Now of course, we do get some clients who see something missing or notice a bug, and we’re always happy to hear from them as well so we can make improvements.


Spanning Backup: Make the Most of Your 14-Day Free Trial in 14 Minutes

We’ve always offered a 14-day free trial for Spanning Backup (to get it, click here). But we don’t want you to just download the trial and play around with it a bit; we really want you to kick the tires on Spanning Backup so you can be sure it’s the right solution for your needs. So with that in mind, here’s a quick guide to getting the most out of your free trial:


Announcing the Master of Data Disaster Contest!

Ever had a data disaster? A really bad one even? Well let’s hear it! This month we’re having a contest to see who has the worst data disaster and disaster recovery stories. We’ve all been there; something crashes, you scramble to get it back up, stuff is missing, chaos ensues, heads roll, hellfire, brimstone, etc etc. It happens to everyone sooner or later.


Spanning Backup Saved Adam and Chris at

Sometimes at Spanning we feel a bit like an insurance company. We hope that our customers are never faced with disasters, but when they are”_ we get to show off just how hard we work every day to make sure they can recover quickly and get back to business.


Working Around Google’s Storage Quotas with Inlanta Mortgage and Spanning

We recently got the opportunity to talk with Chris Knowlton, VP of Technology & Marketing at Inlanta Mortgage, about his experience becoming a Spanning Backup customer.