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Is Cloud Computing Worth It?

According to this infographic from VMWare, 62% of IT professionals are planning on moving a lot of their operations to the cloud. But maybe you’re a business owner or IT person wondering “Why should I migrate to cloud computing if we have something that’s working just fine?”


A Day in the Life of Cloud Computing

Most people who start investigating the cloud don’t realize how much they’re already using it; in fact, 95% of people have used the cloud but don’t know it. Here’s how I use the cloud in my everyday life.


Webinar: The Importance of Backing Up Your Business in the Cloud

You’ve successfully moved your business to Google Workspace. Gmail, Drive, and Sites have increased the level of collaboration across your company AND you’re saving time and money because you no longer have to manage your IT infrastructure.


Why Google Drive makes backup even more important

Right after Google launched Drive last April, I decided to do some testing. I installed the Google Drive software on a spare Mac in our office, connected it to my Google Workspace account, and within minutes had all of my work documents available on the new machine.


When Backup Becomes an Afterthought, You Kill Buzz Lightyear

Okay, so you won’t really kill Buzz, but Pixar almost did. Along with the rest of Toy Story 2 back in the late 90s.