Catholic Education Diocese: Spanning Backup for Google Workspace Makes the Grade

Catholic Education Diocese of ParramattaWith thousands of students, teachers, and staff members counting on Google Workspace for education technology, the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta in New South Wales Australia needs the most reliable backup available to protect its content in the cloud. So when the diocese’s technology services provider couldn’t offer a cloud backup solution, the diocese turned to Spanning Backup for Google Workspace.

“We wanted something that provided not only backup and recovery but also archiving and user management,” according to Brian Van Vlimmeren, learning technologies senior manager for the diocese. “Spanning Backup has it all.”

Once the diocese got the Spanning Backup solution in place to protect content in email, on learning websites, and in core apps, Van Vlimmeren quickly found that it was exceptionally easy to use. The first time he had to do a data restore, he was expecting a long and potentially difficult process. Instead, it took just one click and less than 24 hours. As he puts it, “It’s so easy it’s ridiculous.”

Van Vlimmeren has found that Spanning Backup makes adding licenses and managing users very easy as well. And it provides the archiving capability the diocese needs to maintain student data until students reach adulthood, as required by law. The solution backs up student records and makes them easy to restore if the data is ever requested for compliance purposes.

Education organizations have a unique combination of needs that backup has to address, and Spanning Backup for Google Workspace meets them all. Read the complete story to learn more about the reliable backup, ease of use, and compliance the solution delivers to the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta.