Survey Says The Cloud Is Changing the Game When It Comes to Data Protection

EMC has published the results from its annual global research survey, the EMC Global Data Protection Index 2016, asking IT decision-makers at 2,200 organizations to index data protection maturity, threats, and trends. Several trends were identified and it’s no surprise with the recent news coverage of the ransomware attacks that 29% of organizations surveyed reported having lost data in the last year as the result of a security breach.  

The survey further finds that over half of businesses fail to protect data in the cloud despite more than 80% indicating they will rely on SaaS-based business applications. While 29% of their organization’s IT environment is in the public cloud, on average, nearly half (47%) of organizations believe that not all of their data stored in the cloud is protected.


EMC Global Data Protection Index, Cloud Findings

The effort to protect cloud data is growing in importance as discovered in Spanning’s SaaS Global Data Protection Survey. As one way to protect SaaS data, roughly one-third of organizations in the U.S. and U.K. are either using today or plan to use a cloud-to-cloud backup provider for backup and recovery of their SaaS applications (37 percent in U.S., 31 percent in U.K.).

Download EMC’s Global Data Protection Index 2016 survey report and also find out where your organization ranks globally for data protection readiness with a nifty Data Protection Assessment Calculator.