Daily Versus Weekly Backup for Salesforce #1: Daily Backups Mean Less Data Loss

If you’ve been keeping up with Cracking the Cloud lately, you’ve learned a lot about our new product, Spanning Backup for Salesforce – why we built it, why you need it, and what makes our solution different from other backup alternatives.

Now, we’re going to take you further in depth to explore the question of why you need an in-app, daily automated backup and recovery solution for Salesforce.

Weekly backup just isn’t enough.

As you learned previously, it comes down to one thing: weekly, manual export just doesn’t cut it – and most business leaders know it. In fact, according to Bluewolf’s annual State of Salesforce study, data loss is one of the top four concerns keeping Salesforce users awake at night. In this three-part series you’ll learn why, and we’ll demonstrate how Spanning Backup fills the gaps left by time-consuming and error-prone weekly exports of Salesforce data. The three main benefits of our automated, daily backup solution that we’ll examine are:

  1. Higher frequency of backups provided by Spanning Backup;
  2. Reduction of cost, worry, and effort associated with manual export;
  3. The completeness of our backups compared to standard Salesforce exports.

More backups mean less data loss.

First, let’s look at the frequency of backups afforded by a daily automated solution compared to the manual weekly export options provided by Salesforce. Anyone who uses Salesforce knows that the data captured in this application changes every day. You update customer information, add new leads, close deals, and more countless times each day. So why would you only back up your crucial CRM data every seven days?

If someone accidentally deletes a list, or a sync error wipes out hundreds of entries before the weekly backup, you’re left with no choice but to revert to the most recently backed up version of your data – and that could be seven days old.

The only alternative is to pay Salesforce to restore your information, a process that will cost a minimum of $10,000, according to their recovery policy. But wouldn’t it be easier, safer, and less costly to acquire a daily automated backup solution?

Spanning Backup offers seven times the protection and eliminates the risk (and potential panic) that comes with backing up critical data only once a week. With daily automated backup, if something goes wrong and you need to recover Salesforce data, you can easily access a version of your information that’s less than 24 hours old. With a weekly export, your most recent version could be up to 168 hours old. And time is money.

To review, let’s compare the basics of each solution.

Salesforce manual, weekly export:

  • Occurs once a week
  • Requires the customer to download all content locally

Spanning’s daily automated backup and recovery:

  • Automatically backups up Salesforce data every day
  • Provides unlimited on-demand backups
  • Reduces recovery point objectives from a week to a day

In the next post, we’ll dive deeper into the problems associated with manual exports: namely, that they are time-consuming, expensive, and error-prone. You’ll learn how Spanning Backup will let you “set it and forget it,” allowing you to focus on higher priority tasks.

Already convinced you need our daily automated backup and recovery solution? Try Spanning Backup for Salesforce free for 14 days.