Daily Versus Weekly Backup for Salesforce #2: Lower Costs, Less Stress

By now, our Cracking the Cloud readers know that if they’re using Salesforce, the once weekly, manual export of data offered by Salesforce.com isn’t a robust enough backup and recovery solution. In the first installment of this series, we discussed one of the three main reasons why a daily automated solution is the best alternative to the standard Salesforce export option. The bottom line is that daily backups mean less data loss.

In this article, we’ll explore the second main benefit of an automated daily cloud-to-cloud backup and restore solution for Salesforce: the reduction of cost, worry, and effort associated with weekly, manual exports. Let’s review the significant drawbacks associated with manual data export and how cloud-to-cloud backup and restore solutions like Spanning Backup alleviate these issues.

Manual export is too time consuming – set it and forget it instead

The problem with weekly, manual exports:

This process requires you to download all your data every week, which is often tens or hundreds of gigabytes of data. Downloading this amount information takes time; ensuring the downloads are all complete and that there were no errors takes time; moving the data to a local file share takes time.

Salesforce admins and developers are hired to move the business forward. Dealing with weekly exports is not an efficient use of their time, and they’re likely not thrilled about having to deal with it. If it’s not a priority for them, they may even skip a week or two of moving the export to a safe storage place. This can result in lost data and other problems that take a lot of time and money to resolve. For instance, asking Salesforce to recover data for you can take weeks to months and comes with a minimum fee of $10,000.

How Spanning Backup resolves the issue:

  1. Our automated, daily backup does all the work for you with no effort needed on your part. Simply set and forget your backups, if you’d like.
  2. You still have the option to export your data from any point-in-time with Spanning Backup if you prefer to have another copy of your information stored locally.

Exports come with added storage and labor costs – switch to unlimited cloud storage

The problem with weekly, manual exports:

The two ways these exports become quite costly are through productivity loss and storage expenses. Weekly exports require an admin’s time to manage and monitor, which as illustrated above, can be extremely time consuming while adding no value to your organization. Additionally, the volume of data you store onsite will continue to grow quickly as you add customer contracts, support documents, proposals, reports, and more. This requires more time, more infrastructure, and a lot more cash. A cloud-to-cloud backup solution with unlimited storage provides a much better alternative.

How Spanning Backup resolves the issue:

  1. Spanning Backup removes the cost of managing and monitoring backups – it’s automatic!
  2. You never have to worry about acquiring storage – our solution comes with unlimited space at no extra charge!

Manual processes are error prone – Spanning Backup is automatic, secure, and trusted

The problem with weekly, manual exports:

With manual efforts and the transfer of significant amounts of data from the cloud to an on-premises location, errors can and will occur. Whether that’s because an admin forgot to download one week’s backups or because the download was incomplete or corrupted, mistakes can easily happen when several steps and human effort are involved in technical processes. To ensure data integrity and accessibility, you need a more reliable system.

How Spanning Backup resolves the issue:

  1. We take on the burden of ensuring your data is protected and proactively alert you to any backup errors or issues with the data. Plus, we’ll give you step-by-step instructions on how to resolve any problems with your backups, as well as live Chatter updates to give you maximum transparency and control over data.
  2. Our backup and restore solution is trusted by thousands because it is so reliable. Automation and security are built into our products so that minimal effort is required on your side and you can trust us to handle your data properly. And that includes restoring it when you experience data loss.

Manual exports make recovery complicated, time-consuming, and limited – Spanning’s restore is easy, fast, and complete

The problem with weekly, manual exports:

So far, we’ve gone over the several drawbacks of a manual, weekly backup. But that’s only half the equation. As we say at Spanning, backups are only as good as the restore that comes with them; and the Salesforce weekly export offers only limited, cumbersome recovery options. With weekly exports, finding and recovering data from a previous point in time requires locating archived files, downloading them and sifting through the entire set to find the information you need. This could take hours, even days or weeks. Then, after the information has been identified, it must be manually uploaded back into Salesforce – yet another costly waste of time.

Furthermore, the Salesforce weekly exports don’t include any of your customizations to the application. The only way to back up all your data with customizations and return it directly to Salesforce is with a cloud-to-cloud backup and restore solution like Spanning Backup.

How Spanning Backup resolves the issue:

  1. Our backup and restore software is the only in-app solution for Salesforce on the market. That means it is on a tab right inside Salesforce that you can access at any time you need to restore data from the past.
  2. Spanning lets you easily navigate to any previous point-in-time and select the specific objects you need to recover.

A summary comparison of daily versus weekly backup for Salesforce

To conclude, below are the highlighted differences between the two backup solutions.

Salesforce Weekly Backup:

  • Requires manual effort to manage and monitor, which can lead to errors, data loss, and lost productivity
  • Requires download of all data, but excludes customizations
  • Requires the customer to store large amounts of data locally
  • Recovery of data is cumbersome and time consuming

Spanning Backup for Salesforce:

  • Backups are automatic, requiring zero effort
  • Eliminates errors and productivity loss
  • Provides unlimited, secure storage in the cloud
  • Backs up all your data, metadata and attachments
  • Makes it easy to recover data quickly from any previous backup version

In the final post in this series, you’ll learn the third major benefit of a daily automated backup solution for Salesforce data. We’ll discuss the completeness of your backups: what manual, weekly exports are able to capture versus what a cloud-to-cloud solution like Spanning’s is able to backup and restore.

To learn more about the power of a backup and restore solution, read our free white paper, Five Essential Restore Capabilities for Cloud Application Data.