Data Hogs Are No Match for Stats for Google Drive Free Tool

Do you know who’s hogging your company’s data? Google offers you 30 gigabytes of storage on Google Workspace, which is great, but since there is a cap, Google Workspace administrators have to keep an eye out to make sure no one’s getting too close to their limit. Spanning offers you a great way to monitor this with our free Stats for Google Drive app.

There are two tables in our free app that help you identify your “data hogs” and where most of your storage is being consumed: the Ten Biggest Docs and the Ten Most Active Users sections:

  1. Your Ten Most Active Users information will show you who’s using Google Drive the most and how much data they’re storing, which is a great thing to check periodically so you can notify people who are getting too close to their storage limits that they need to do some spring cleaning.
  2. The Ten Biggest Docs table lets you see right away where all the storage is going. You can see if some of these docs are stored in multiple places, allowing you to eliminate duplicates to save some space.

Identifying your most active users to keep an eye on your storage limit is an extremely useful function of the free Stats for Google Drive app, but that’s not all it does. Other insights you can learn about your Drive data include:

  • Percent of storage by file type (Spreadsheet, Doc, etc.);
  • Newest and oldest Docs created;
  • Percent of data viewed and created in last year and last month;
  • Volume of documents created by week and by hour;
  • Size of new Docs created by week; and
  • Much more!

You can find the Stats for Google Drive app on the Google Workspace Marketplace. Try it now for free to see who’s hogging your data and how you can free up some space in your Drive. You can also see it in action in the video below.