Do You Know the Fastest Way to Recover from Data Loss? Go Beyond Data Recovery to Restore

As more organizations realize the importance of protecting their critical data in SaaS applications like Google Workspace and Salesforce, they’re focusing first and foremost on finding effective solutions for data backup. That’s an important step, but as we like to say at Spanning: Backup is one thing. Restore is everything. It won’t do you much good to have your SaaS data backed up unless you can get it back quickly, easily, and accurately.

Beyond recovery, restore is how you can get back to business faster than ever. If you want to shrink your RTO from days, weeks, even months, to a matter of minutes or hours in order to keep employees productive, your organization compliant and protect business continuity (and your bottom line), then you must consider implementing a backup and restore solution for your cloud applications. Cloud-to-cloud backup and restore solutions not only provide secure, automated backups and fast recovery of data, but the right solution will also put information directly back into your SaaS applications, exactly as it was before. It’s the fastest way to recover from SaaS data loss. Period.  

Download Your Free White Paper on the Power of Restore

To help you learn more about the differences between data recovery and data restoration, we’re offering a free white paper, “Five Essential Restore Capabilities for Cloud Application Data.”

In this white paper you’ll learn:

  • How the concept of restore is refining and redefining recovery;
  • The five core requirements to look for in a backup and restore solution; and,
  • The key benefits you’ll reap from selecting a cloud-to-cloud backup solution with the right restore capabilities.

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