Do You Really Know the Difference Between Google Vault and Google Apps Backup Software?

If you’ve ever asked—“What is Google Vault?” “Is Vault something we can use for backup and recovery?” “Do we need Vault AND a backup solution to protect our organization?”—then this article is for you.

It’s your link to a free guide that fully explains the difference between Google Vault and backup and recovery solutions like Spanning Backup for G Suite.

Vault is not a replacement for backup and recovery

By now, most organizations using SaaS and cloud technology understand that the need for backup and recovery for SaaS application data is just as pressing as the need for backup for data stored on premises. Many investigate Google Vault as a potential answer to backup and recovery needs and are surprised to find that Vault isn’t a full backup and recovery solution, but is instead intended for eDiscovery and archival purposes.

This leads to a lot of confusion as organizations try to prioritize their needs and budget, in order to determine if they need Vault, backup and recovery, or both.

What’s the Difference Between Google Vault and G Suite Backup Software?

That’s why we’re making our white paper, Understanding the Difference Between Vault and Spanning Backup for G Suite, available to you as a free download.

In the paper, you’ll learn:

  • the differences between Vault and Spanning Backup for G Suite;
  • the backup capabilities for G Suite within each product;
  • the approach each solution takes to recover and restore lost data;
  • how each solution handles archiving, data retention and eDiscovery; and,
  • how to make the right choice based on your needs.

If you still have questions about how to best meet your data storage, accessibility, and compliance needs after reading this white paper contact us or take a deeper dive into a no-risk free 14-day trial of Spanning Backup for G Suite.

Download Understanding the Difference between Google Vault and Spanning Backup