Spanning at Dreamforce 2016 – Lightning, Encryption Key Management, and More

For Salesforce admins and developers, it’s the most wonderful time of the year – Dreamforce! Once again, we’re attending the show armed with some exciting new updates to Spanning Backup for Salesforce.

We know that the world-class organizations that trust Spanning to protect their Salesforce data and support their customizations look to us for the best ways to backup Salesforce and applications. In today’s “age of the customer” where everyone and everything is becoming more connected, Spanning provides the best-in-class solution that enables enterprises with fast, granular restoration of lost data that meets the rapid-pace demands of our customers.

With that in mind, here’s what we’re showcasing at Dreamforce this year:

  • Encryption Key Management – After a successful pilot phase, Spanning Backup is the first and only backup and recovery solution in the Salesforce AppExchange that supports encryption key management, allowing enterprise customers to generate and supply their own encryption keys, giving them increased ownership of data security.
  • Lightning-Ready Certification – For customers who are transitioning over to the new, modern Salesforce Lightning Experience to enable new and powerful analysis of sales and other efforts, they can use Spanning Backup in that new interface as well as Salesforce Classic. Spanning Backup is the first and only third-party data protection tool to be Salesforce Lightning-Ready Certified.
  • Data Sovereignty Options – Spanning customers can select the data center location based on their data protection and privacy compliance requirements.
  • Export Security – Organizations can audit and track downloads conducted by administrators and ensure that data export security is enforced using existing Salesforce identity and network-based security controls.
  • Customizable Scheduled Backups – Administrators can now set a specific time of day to run their automated scheduled backups.  
  • Cross-Org Restore – Spanning Backup can restore backed up data from one Salesforce org to another production, developer or sandbox org. Spanning can also restore child and grandchild objects (master-detail) while maintaining the relationships during the process.

Spanning Vice President and General Manager Jeff Erramouspe says, “SaaS data loss is something that can happen to organizations of all sizes, whether it’s the most common kind – accidental deletion – or a much rarer occurrence, such as ransomware. We know that, in addition to downtime during data recovery efforts, the cost and resource-drain of managing data backup can be enormous. For some of the world’s largest organizations who rely on Salesforce to manage their sales and customer data, Spanning helps them to minimize time, expense and worry around data loss on the Salesforce platform.”

Will you be at Dreamforce this year?

If so, come and find us at Booth 106 where we’ll be conducting demos of the new features, showing folks how to #BackthatSaaSup, and giving away some fun swag. Also, Patricia Cifra, a senior software engineer at Spanning, will also be presenting “Angular2 + Ng-Lightning + Lightning Design System = Great Apps” on Oct 4 at 2:00 p.m. in Moscone West, 2000, which is not to be missed!  

3rd Annual State of the Salesforce Admin and Developer Survey

Finally, we recently completed our 3rd Annual State of the Salesforce Admin and Developer Survey. Thanks to the amazing support of the Salesforce Community, we had 512 completed surveys, which means that 150 “First 100 Words” board books by Roger Priddy will be donated by Spanning to Project Night Night, a charity whose mission is to provide comfort and security to homeless children.  

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