Evaluating Enterprise Backup Solutions: It’s All About Recovery

There’s plenty to consider when choosing an enterprise backup solution – are there sufficient security protocols in place? Where and how is your data being stored? Is it accessible regardless of your location?

But perhaps one of the biggest factors is scalability. Enterprises have big data generated by a large number of employees, making it even more likely that important data might be lost simply because there is more of it to lose. And taking into account the fact that many enterprises are using cloud storage systems like Google Workspace to create and access their data across multiple devices, the complexity starts to multiply.

But while all of these factors are important when deciding on a backup solution, the decision should always come down to the most important factor: Recovery. Every minute that you spend without your data is time and money lost and a barrier to business moving forward. Fast, simple, and complete recovery overcomes that barrier so your business can begin to flow again.

If recovery is so important, what should you be looking for in an enterprise-class backup and recovery solution?

  • The data recovery should be as fast as your internet connection will allow.
  • The longest part of the data recovery process should be waiting for the files to move around, not figuring out how to get them back where they’re supposed to be.
  • Recovery should be selective – you should be able to restore everything from a single file to your entire domain.
  • Recovery shouldn’t overwrite anything else that has occurred in the meantime.
  • Your recovery process should be ready to go at any time – even if you haven’t had to recover anything for months.
  • Your data recovery process should be easy to test; you shouldn’t have to wait for a disaster to find out whether or not it works.

Finding out that your data recovery process is a disaster is terrible; finding that out during an actual disaster is worse. We want to hear from you – how hard is it for you to recover lost data? What are the headaches you’ve run into and how did you overcome them? Let us know in the comments below.