Free Google Workspace Audit Log Viewer Takes the Mystery out of Admin Duties

In Google Workspace environments with multiple admins or super admins, tracking down changes to the domain, who made them, and when can feel like a good, old-fashioned “Who dunnit?”. But most administrators don’t have time to play True Detective when sorting out how changes in settings have affected data stored in Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Sites, and other apps.

Some changes admins may want to sniff out are:

  • Passwords that have been reset;
  • New Gmail groups;
  • Creation of sub-organizations; and more.

Luckily, Spanning makes tracking Google Workspace admin activity elementary, my dear Watson, with our free Admin Audit Log Viewer, available on web and mobile (for iPhones and Androids).

The Audit Log for Google Workspace allows admins to easily investigate administrative activities and any past changes to a domain, as well as monitor changes in real-time with push notifications.

Get a clue – The Google Workspace Audit Log allows admins to:

  • See important changes to domain settings;
  • Audit actions by other administrators in a domain;
  • Review the history of all Google Workspace domain changes;
  • View Google Workspace reporting.

Sleuth move – Track tons of settings with this free tool, including:

  • Calendar
  • Chat
  • Documents
  • Domain
  • Email
  • Group
  • Mobile
  • Organization
  • Sites
  • User

Managing data in Google Workspace shouldn’t be a mystery – that’s why we’ve brought meaningful insights about your data and admin activities directly to your fingertips. The Admin Audit Log is just one of several free tools Spanning offers to improve your experience with Google Workspace. See the Mobile Audit Log in action in the video below, and then don’t forget to start a free trial of Spanning Backup for Google Workspace to take full advantage of all the ways Spanning helps to enhance your experience and protect your data in the Google Workspace environment.