At Gartner Catalyst This Week? Learn More About Data Protection with Spanning

If you’re in San Diego this week for Gartner’s Catalyst Conference, you already know that you’re in for four days of forward thinking insights from industry leaders and analysts; as well as access to information about the best technical solutions ranging from cloud technologies to data and analytics, and the Internet of Things.  As you explore new ways to leverage technology and the cloud, data protection and security are key considerations to keep in mind. But even if you won’t be at Catalyst, read on to learn more about protecting your data in the cloud.

Did you know:

  •        Many cloud solutions do not provide adequate backup and restore tools natively.
  •        You are responsible for the safety and recovery of your data in the cloud.

A great example is Microsoft Office 365. The adoption of Office 365 continues to grow in leaps and bounds globally and there’s a good chance you’re in the middle of migrating to Office 365.  Backup and recovery, as well as restore solutions differ greatly for cloud solutions than from on premise solutions.  Many organizations assume that backup and recovery features are included natively in Office 365, and/or may not be sure where their data will be stored in Office 365.  Microsoft clearly states that you, the customer are responsible for your data. Office 365 provides excellent protection and security from disasters and outages, however, data deletion events or data loss events such as human error, data sync errors, and the number one security threat: cyber attacks are the responsibility of the customer.

In a recent Gartner Report, “Adopt Microsoft Office 365 Backup for Damage Control and Fast Recovery after Malicious Attacks,” Pushan Rinnen recommends deploying ‘true, third party backup tools that provide granular recovery from internal threats and external attacks’ with Office 365.

Spanning Backup is exhibiting at Gartner Catalyst

If your company is migrating to Office 365, or you have a robust Salesforce instance filled with critical sales data, or if you use Google Workspace, Spanning can provide enterprise-grade automated backup and restore functionality for your data. Given the rise of ransomware threats to cloud and SaaS data, it’s imperative that your teams are prepared not just to back your data up, but to quickly restore data in the event of a malicious attack or even a sync error. All our solutions are designed to be easy to install, easy to use, and quickly enable data backup and full restore.

Come by booth #110 in the Data and Analytics area of the TechZone, meet our new VP of Sales, Chad Savoy, and talk with some of our cloud architects and product managers to learn more.

If you’re not attending Gartner Catalyst this year, visit our resources section to learn more about our SaaS solutions and why more than 7,000 organizations ranging from large manufacturers such as Adidas to school systems, financial services, insurance providers and non-profits have chosen Spanning to protect their data.

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