Getting Google Drive Restore Right, Part 2 of 3

In Part 1 of this series, we talked about making sure your backup system restores your files organized just like they were when they were backed up. We now turn our attention to another basic restore feature: restoring multiple files and folders in a single operation.

Restoring Multiple Files and Folders

Depending on the type of data loss you’ve experienced, you may need to restore a single file, a folder of files, multiple folders, or everything. Restoring a single file is the trivial case and both Spanning Backup and our main competitor Backupify do it just fine. Good on both of us. Restoring a folder of files is something else altogether.

To restore a folder of files in Spanning Backup, you just choose a point in time (we’ll discuss this next time) and select the folder. By default, all of the files and subfolders in the folder (and their files and subfolders, all the way down) will be selected. If there’s anything in there you don’t want restored, just deselect it. Click “Restore” and all of the selected items are restored into Google Drive with their folder organization intact.

With Spanning Backup, it works just like you’d think it would:

Conversely, Backupify has no option to restore a folder of files. It’s simply not there. Granted, you can restore the folder itself but that doesn’t include the folder’s contents, so that’s not terribly useful.

Backupify offers you three choices:

  1. Restore each file individually, one by one
  2. Restore everything—all of the files and folders you’ve ever backed up—at once
  3. Export all of your files and folders (again, everything you’ve ever backed up) to a ZIP file, download it to your local machine, and manually upload whatever you need to Google Drive.

In each of these three cases you’re going to be manually creating your folder organization by hand. Backupify simply doesn’t do that. Bottom line, if you need to restore multiple files and/or folders—but not everything—with Backupify you’re out of luck.

For the record, we asked Backupify founder and CEO Rob May to check our facts. He verified that this is in fact how his company’s product works.

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve mentioned a couple of times that Backupify’s “restore all” and export functions give you every file you’ve ever backed up. That’s because they don’t do point-in-time backups, which we’ll discuss in the final installment of this series.

Getting Google Drive restore right isn’t easy, but at Spanning we’ve spent a tremendous amount of time and effort to make sure that in the moment of truth—when you’ve lost data and need it restored now—we’ve got you covered.

Need to restore Google Drive data today? Start a Free Trial! You can also learn more about our Google Workspace 100% Restore Guarantee Policy. If we can back it up, we can restore it.