Got 99 Problems? But Salesforce Data Loss Ain’t One.

The largest SaaS conference in the world – Dreamforce – is about to fire up next Monday, where Salesforce admins and developers learn how to keep their 99 problems in check…and since Spanning is in da’ house, wave buh-bye to data loss, ‘cause you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

What are some of the data loss problems we’ve heard Salesforce admins and developers rap about?

  • Outlook sync errors (overwrote good data with bad, added in massive dupes?!?)
  • Data Loader errors (wait, what? 100,000+ records munged?!?)
  • Developer team sync errors (that overnight crew overwrote my code and I have to recreate it?!?)
  • Recycle Bin caps instantly purged data you didn’t mean to delete (ugh…gone gone gone?!?)
  • Just plain “oops moments” (deleted a custom object without realizing, and the recycle bin aged out?!?)

These are just a sample of the wide variety of problems facing admins and developers – hear more in our new rap video on why it’s important to #BackThatSaaSUp. It’s getting a lot of love from the Salesforce MVP community. Salesforce data loss is a real thing, and more and more admins and developers “get” why says to use a partner solution backup app you can find on AppExchange.

Other than a fly rap video, why consider Spanning Backup for Salesforce as your backup-and-restore app of choice? Check us out at Dreamforce, and see our ongoing evolution as a true enterprise-grade backup and recovery solution for Salesforce.

Now for the “non-rap, back-to-business” part: Yesterday we unveiled new capabilities that make it easier to restore lost or deleted data, address data sovereignty requirements and meet enterprise security and audit requirements, including:

  • Salesforce restore enhancements: Granular point-in-time backup and new restore capabilities enable restores for both permanently deleted items and single or bulk item restores making data recovery easier than ever with:
    • Recovery for Permanently Deleted Items: Users can restore deleted data directly back into Salesforce with all its related data. Spanning’s restore process will automatically take care of inserting data back into Salesforce in the right order to preserve “parent-child” relationships.
    • Bulk Restore: Spanning Backup for Salesforce offers a tightly integrated, in-app bulk restore, allowing Salesforce administrators to search for both updated and deleted items (including items deleted more than 90 days ago) – and quickly restore them with an option to preserve “parent-child” relationships for deleted items.
    • Single Object Restores: The new Universal Restore Button from Spanning makes it easy to get lost or deleted data back into its proper place quickly. Now users have one convenient button that automatically activates when single-item on-page restores are possible.
  • EU data destination option: Spanning Backup for Salesforce now provides customers a choice of backup destinations – either in the US, or in Europe.
  • SSAE 16 SOC2 certification: Spanning has achieved SSAE 16 SOC 2 certification demonstrating our commitment to exceed compliance and security-related requirements for controls and safeguards when hosting customer data.
  • Customer-managed encryption keys: Spanning Backup for Salesforce will soon allow enterprise customers to self-manage encryption keys, enabling them to better meet their organization’s security and compliance requirements. The new feature is being piloted this fall and is expected to be available sometime in 2016.

So, yo, y’all, now you know why Spanning will be on the streets of San Fran and chillin’ in the Moscone Center at booth N2128. Stop by to visit Team Spanning, spin the Wheel o’Funk and get a limited edition #BackThatSaaSUp t-shirt and more dope data backup realness you don’t want to miss!

If you don’t want to wait until Dreamforce, trial Spanning Backup for Salesforce and get straight outta data loss, now.

Headed to Dreamforce next week?

Spanning by EMC at Dreamforce 2015