Happy National Fun at Work Day from Spanning!

Today is National Fun at Work Day, which is a subject we know a lot about here at Spanning! The creation of our great products is thanks in large part to the culture here, which lends itself to innovation and fun. To celebrate this very important holiday, we thought we’d let some of our employees share their favorite things about working here.

My favorite thing about working for Spanning is…



…working in a place where you can be yourself, have fun, and get a lot of quality work done. The best part is that everyone else around is doing the same, so the great environment just feeds back into itself.

-Fotios Hatzis, Software Engineer


….the dog friendly office. I love dogs, and now that I’m a new puppy owner, I love being able to bring him in to hang out with me all day, and so that he can socialize with the other fun dogs around here. Having dogs running around the office is just another example of how Spanning is a super fun place to work.

-Taylor Patterson, Customer Support Representative


…the people. I also love the flexibility, location, and working for Mike Pav.

-Patty Cifra, Senior Software Engineer


…I’m constantly surrounded by smart, hilarious, kind, helpful, hard-working people who I aspire to model my life after. The beer, Friday lunches, breakfast tacos, and ping pong table also help.

-Jacob Holt, Business Operations

…all the puppies in the office. Nothing brightens my day or lightens the mood when my code doesn’t run like giving an adorable puppy a few pats on the head. It’s my suspicion that the dog closest to me senses when the code doesn’t work right and puts their head in my lap for just this purpose.

-Ashley Price, Software Engineer

…a healthy sense of work-life balance. Whether that takes the form of breaking midday for a game of ping-pong, having the freedom to work from a coffee shop for a few hours, or saving time to hit the gym or the trail over lunch, we maintain respect for the things that make us whole. Some of us need flexibility to be there for children, some to train for high-level athletic competitions. Without this kind of culture, I wouldn’t have been able to pursue performing in professional theatre productions and in local artists’ music videos. I think this is a company that really understands you can’t get someone’s best work by working them into the ground. Happy, healthy people make better products. Period.

-Andrea Lindzey, Marketing Campaign Manager


If you’re looking for career where you can have fun while you innovate, Spanning is hiring now! Check out our Careers page to see our latest openings. And of course, we’re always bike-friendly.