Happy 21st Annual SysAdmin Day From Spanning

Today marks the 21st Annual SysAdmin Day. A day created for SysAdmins by SysAdmins because no one ever gives you enough credit for the work you do. If you’re good at your job, people rarely notice because it means everything is running smoothly.   

Your colleagues may not realize that you tirelessly manage the patchwork of systems that are the lifeblood of your organization. You are smart, adept and savvy enough to deal with anything that’s thrown at you, right from instituting necessary patch updates to ensuring the integrity of your business processes and security of your critical data. All this just to ensure your organization moves forward as smoothly as possible  

We know you are always on the frontline, day or night, dealing with folks who put company data at risk, whether intentionally or not. You help find data when someone accidentally deletes it. You are the messiah that brings the company back from the brink of destruction when a user falls for a phishing trick, forcing you to nuke the user device and reinstall everything that’s been infected from backups.

To celebrate all you do, Spanning has enjoyed profiling the six Jackasses that pose constant threats to your Google Workspace, Office 365 and Salesforce data. Whether on purpose or by accident, the dangers presented by these aptly named Smartasses & Dumbasses are what require you to be a Badass on the daily. Click on the platform of your choice below to see the full Jackass lineup — we think you’ll get a kick out of it. Pun intended.

In short, you are the IT Hero we need but probably don’t deserve. No one understands how critical backups are to the organization’s bottom line better than you, and for that, we thank you – not just today, but every day!   

Happy SysAdmin Day from your friends at Spanning!   

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