Helpful: A Leading Core Value

At Spanning we are guided by our core values — HIFADO —Helpful, Innovative, Fun, Accountable, Driven, and Open.

With “helpful” as our leading core value, we work hard to live up to it in and outside of the office. Here’s a little about how we support a corporate culture that embraces others first.

Being There for our Customers

At the heart of it, being helpful means that you are at the center of everything we do…from design and engineering to customer support, we exist to make SaaS data loss a non-event.

“We love building great products and new innovations, and we always start by focusing on what is most helpful to our customers.” – Mat Hamlin, VP of Products

And hearing that our products make your life better is what drives us to do better every day.

“The customer service is very impressive. Working with Spanning has been just magnificent.” Thomas Erasmus, IT Manager, InZone Industries

Pitching in With the Community

We take our social responsibility seriously and we’re engaging with the community in many creative ways.

Many of our engineers and product managers, for example, participate in local chapters of national organizations that seek to make technology more inclusive such as Girl Develop IT .

Another way we give back is by using our annual Salesforce community survey to help nonprofits. In 2016 and 2017, we supported Project Night Night; for every unique survey completed, Spanning donated $10 to the nonprofit.

In 2018, Spanning donated $10 for every unique survey completed (up to 450) to support PepUp Tech and its mission to increase the number of underrepresented people in tech.

“Our goal is to inspire individuals who might not think a career in technology is available to them to pursue computer science studies and tech careers,” explains Selina Suarez, founder of PepUp Tech. “Working with partners in the community like Spanning increases access and opportunities for those in underserved areas, and it’s vital in expanding the number of students PepUp Tech can reach. We’re grateful to Spanning for their support of our mission.”

“When people talk about giving back, what’s sometimes forgotten is how good it feels to help those who need help most. I’m so proud to be part of the Spanning team, to live the “H” in HIFADO – and it felt AWESOME to present the donation to PepUpTech during Dreamforce ’18!”  – Lori Witzel, Senior Product Marketing Manager

A charitable organization many Spannites support locally in Austin is Meals on Wheels. A rotating group of about 20 volunteers manage a weekly shift. The team has delivered more than 1,500 meals to families in need over the past three years. Two rotating members from different departments deliver meals to about 10 families a week.

“It’s a simple yet powerful way to give back to those in need and allows me the opportunity to see immediate results. It also provides a really rewarding way to spend time with my colleagues from other departments.” – Emily Hurn, Senior Marketing Manager

Along with helping our community and supporting nonprofits around the world and at home in Texas, we help keep nonprofit organizations’ data safe from loss and provide them with peace of mind. As a thank you, we offer qualified nonprofits a 25% discount.

How do you live your core corporate values in your organization? Please share in the comments.

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