How to Enable Gmail Backup for Your Existing Spanning Backup Installation

If you already have Spanning Backup installed in your Google Workspace domain, here’s how to enable Gmail backup for all of your paid Spanning Backup users:

      • your Google Workspace dashboard at
    1. Scroll down to the Google Workspace Marketplace section and find “Spanning Backup”.
    2. If you see “Update data access requirements” under the product name (shown here), click on the “View and grant access requirements” link to the right of that text.
      Update Data Access Requirements
    3. If you don’t see this text, your domain has already provided authorization for the Gmail backup service; skip to step #2 below.
    4. Within the Spanning Backup settings section, go to the “Data access” section (shown here). Click the “Grant data access” link at the bottom of the “Data access” section.
    5. Upon successful authorization, you will see a green checkmark icon with the text, “Granted” beside the “Data Access” text (shown here).Authorize Spanning Backup to access Gmail for your domain
  1. Contact [email protected]
    • Contact [email protected] and let us know you’d like to have Gmail backup enabled. (Be sure to include your domain name!) We’ll get you set up and let you know when backups will begin.

If you have any questions or run into any problems, please contact us at [email protected]. Thanks!