[Infographic] Salesforce Community Research: New Findings, Post-Dreamforce 2017

Dreamforce wouldn’t be complete without at least one selfie, and for Spanning, Dreamforce wouldn’t be Dreamforce without supporting the annual “Salesforce Selfie” Trailblazer Community Survey.

This year’s survey has been co-sponsored by Apttus, who’ve helped us expand its reach across the Salesforce Ohana—and if you’re in the Ohana, the survey is, like any good selfie, all about YOU.

What is the fourth annual “Salesforce Selfie” Trailblazer Community Survey, and why does it matter?

The 2017 Community Survey gathered demographic and other insights from 420 Salesforce administrators, developers, and others in the Salesforce community. The questions in the survey have been informed by ongoing discussions with Salesforce admins and developers about what they want most to learn about their peers.  The survey findings enable admins and developers to benchmark themselves against their peers, and to benchmark their organizations against others.

But it’s not just about research for and about the #SalesforceOhana – it’s about giving back

This year, as last, Spanning committed to making donations for survey responses to Project Night Night, a frequent beneficiary of the Salesforce Ohana’s “giving back” ethos. And this year’s donation of $10 for each unique survey completion will ensure that Project Night Night receives $4200 with which to provide comfort kits for homeless children during emergency shelter stays. That, as much as the survey findings, are why it matters.

Project Night Night Spanning Gives Back

Key Findings from this Year’s Trailblazer Community Survey

The #SalesforceOhana continues to be a tech community unlike any other. Women in tech comprise a significant portion of the Salesforce ecosystem—65% of people responding to the survey self-describe as female.

But diversity is one step among many towards equality, especially equal pay. As shown by the increasing professionalism reflected in the survey, Salesforce provides many paths to helping admins and developers grow the skills they need to grow their careers.

To see key findings in detail, view the infographic below or the online survey results here.

Salesforce Community Survey Results 2017

Assess Your Data Loss Risk, and Take Action Now

As the survey results show, many organizations are still not using a third-party backup solution. If that’s you and your organization, you may be at risk not only for accidental data loss, but also for the lost productivity and business continuity that occurs if restoring lost data is a manual process.

Using native tools may enable you to restore lost data—but how much time and effort might that take? For some details, see below.

Salesforce Native Tools

Don’t wait until you need to restore lost data. Learn from the 68% of survey respondents who have taken steps to protect their data, and review how easy it can be to cut your risk today.

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