Millar Inc. Achieves Gold Standard of Data Protection with Spanning Backup for Office 365

When you’re in the business of providing the ultimate standard of neurological and cardiac catheters in the medical industry, the stakes are incredibly high. The FDA is highly regulating every area of your IT operations, from record retention to the accessibility of data records. But Millar lives up to those standards each day, both in product quality and data protection best practices.

Todd Miller, director of IT, at Millar looked at how the company was managing their critical business data, including intellectual property and confidential email communications and challenged his team that it was simply “not enough in today’s day and age to back up files and intellectual property on file servers. We have to extend that to our cloud presence.”

And that’s when he found Spanning Backup for Office 365.

Data retention was a huge benefit of Spanning Backup for Office 365. FDA requirements stipulate that the Millar IT organization must retain all documentation related to their products ranging from seven to 20 years.

“We looked at a backup solution that was going to indefinitely keep our data. And that was one factor that definitely drew us to Spanning,” Miller said.

Peace of mind is a recurring theme among many Spanning customers and Miller is no different. To see how Spanning provides Miller and the Millar team peace of mind as they protect their data while developing life-saving medical devices, watch this short video and see how protecting your Office 365 data can protect your organization from unnecessary SaaS application data loss.