My, how you’ve grown: The State of the Salesforce Admin Survey 2015

2015 State of the Salesforce Admin Survey by SpanningOh, you awesome Salesforce admins and developers! This year’s State of the Salesforce Admin survey is a reflection of the Community in so many ways, and it reminded me that at the heart of great technology you’ll find great people.

We began planning this year’s State of the Salesforce Admin Survey by asking a question. Would it make a difference in your responding if we offered a personal incentive, or a donation to Dreamforce Gives Back, or no incentive? The overall feedback was, “The survey is important, so we’ll likely do it regardless…but it would be nice to give back.” We thought it would be nice to give back, too, so we chose to donate books, pegged to the number of unique completed surveys.

Clearly, the Salesforce Success Community is a giving bunch. Last year, 304 people completed the survey; this year, 602 people completed the survey – and in doing so, ensured that 190 “First 100 Words” books have been donated to the Dreamforce Gives Back effort.

This year’s State of the Salesforce Admin survey shows a Success Community that’s growing in more ways than just the number of participants. The Community is growing in professionalism – certifications have increased among survey participants by 31% since last year! You’re growing by seeking new ways to learn – fully 82% have explored Trailhead Admin or Developer Trails. You’re growing in your knowledge of ways to extend Salesforce – 8% more are using AppExchange apps. And 7% more of you are using the Salesforce Weekly Export.

Despite those positives, most of you are still not aligned with the Salesforce best practice of using an AppExchange ISV partner to protect your data and metadata. And fully 26% of you aren’t backing up your Salesforce data and metadata AT ALL. Bad things can happen to great people, and that’s why Spanning Backup for Salesforce was created – to help admins and developers quickly and easily recover from data loss.

Get a quick look at the survey findings in our newest infographic and share with your Salesforce peers, admins and developers.

While the donation of 190 “First 100 Words” books makes its way to Dreamforce Gives Back, take some time to visit our Dreamforce website, and learn more about why and how to #BackThatSaaSUp. Spanning by EMC is delighted to be part of your world, and we hope to meet each of you who are attending Dreamforce 2015.

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