Never Be Out of Touch With A Google Contacts Backup Solution

Did you know that one in four adults can’t tell you their own phone number, according to a study conducted last year in the UK by mobile security firm BullGuard?  That’s not all they found: apparently the average adult can only memorize two phone numbers (why one of these is not their own, no one can say for sure), and if they do remember any more, they are likely to have come from the pre-mobile era.

When we’re not forgetting phone numbers, we’re coming up with new and creative ways to lose them:

There’s the classic “jumped in a pool with my pockets full” method, the “tried to delete my ex but deleted everyone in my life instead” approach, and even the “my GPS lied to me so I hurled my phone in a fit of rage” technique– all of which result in the proverbial “lost my contacts” post on the unfortunate victim’s social media platform of choice.

But that’s why we have Google Contacts, right?  Google Contacts is a great way to centralize your contacts across all of your accounts, free up space in your memory for more important matters, and avoid losing touch with the world if your phone has a little accident.  Yet like any other cloud application, it is not immune from data loss.  So do you need to back up Google Contacts?

Google Workspace programs, including Contacts, remain vulnerable to several potential threats that arise in the cloud, so it is an absolute must to seek protection for your Google Contacts information.  Here are a number of scenarios that can result in data loss if you don’t have a backup plan:

  • Updating your smartphone.  Several devices, like the Blackberry, are reported to drop contacts upon updating.
  • Syncing various devices with your Google account.  Many smartphone users complain about contacts disappearing (sometimes by the hundreds) when they sync a new phone with their account information or resync an old phone.
  • Assuming there is a “Trash” for Contacts.  Unfortunately, when you delete a Google Contact, it can end up gone for good.  Google’s built-in recovery mechanisms can only help you retrieve a deleted contact for a limited period of time.
  • Trying to make custom adjustments. One Google Contacts user admits to making a mess of his own contacts and needing help to set things right: “A few days ago I totally messed up my contacts and used Spanning Backup to restore them, a process that worked flawlessly.” – Josh Kerr

As Josh and many others have discovered, the only way to be certain your Google Contacts are never lost is to use a backup and recovery solution like Spanning Backup.  Just imagine not being able to get in touch with your friends, family, or clients because your address book disappeared.  If you or your business could not bear the impact of such a disaster, then it’s time to get proactive about guarding your contacts.  To start protecting your vital data immediately, try Spanning Backup free for 14 days.

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