New Feature for Spanning Backup for Salesforce: Lightning Ready!

Many Salesforce admins have adopted, or are planning to adopt, the Salesforce Lightning Experience – not just for its new, amazing user experience, but for the new functionality Lightning Experience brings. With a shared vision and passion for delivering paradigm-shifting innovation within a brilliant user experience, it’s no surprise that Spanning is the leading ISV partner for Salesforce data protection. Spanning is tightly integrated within Salesforce and with the Salesforce admin community, and that’s why we’re now the first and only third-party data protection tool to be Salesforce Lightning Experience Ready.

Spanning Backup for Salesforce, Lightning Ready

Our Lightning Experience Ready Spanning Backup for Salesforce is fully responsive, making users’ transitions from desktop to tablet and back seamless. And Spanning Backup’s navigation has been redesigned  to meet Lightning Experience Design System Guidelines, enabling admins to quickly find what they need. If you haven’t yet made the switch to Lightning, don’t worry, our updated UI is fully compatible with Salesforce Classic.

Spanning Backup for Salesforce


For example, here’s a look at our newest feature, Cross-Org Restore (to help you quickly populate Sandboxes). As you can see, it’s been updated to align with the Lightning interface, but also keeps the intuitive, user-friendly Spanning process to quickly and securely restore data. As Salesforce continues to evolve its Lightning Experience – we anticipate much more to come – you’ll see Spanning Backup evolve as well.


Our ability to rapidly evolve comes from our agile development process paired with our close collaboration with Salesforce and the Salesforce community of admins and developers. We design and develop new features with their direct involvement, based on their real-world use cases. You can rest assured we never build new functionality merely to claim we “have” a feature. Instead, we’re focused on finding a better way to protect SaaS data by listening to customers and understanding what their data protection and data recovery needs are, and then delivering solutions that not only meet, but exceed expectations.

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