New Restore UI: Spanning Backup for Salesforce

In our latest release of Spanning Backup for Salesforce, we’ve focused on usability enhancements for easier recovery. The Restore UI has been improved on with the features below.

Intuitive Backup Picker for Point-in-time Recovery

It is now simpler to select the exact backup to examine or to restore from. When choosing a backup, the user is presented with a list of backups with date, time and status. This makes it faster to pick the right backup. It is particularly useful when there is more than one backup per day.

New Search UI for Granular Restores

We’ve enhanced the object search workflow for granular restores. The new UI allows the user to specify all of the search options upfront before launching a search. The advanced filters allow you, for example, to pick exactly that very user account or contact that was mistakenly deleted or updated. 

Apart from these two features, in this release, we’ve also fixed an issue with overwrites of reference fields for cross-org restores.

At Spanning, we’re keenly tuned in to our customer’s recovery requirements and delight in meeting and exceeding them. We’d love to hear your feedback. Or share it on the AppExchange.

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