Planning a Google Workspace Migration? Here’s a Terrific Guide

If you’re looking to migrate your organization to Google Workspace for Work, the Cloud Alliance for Google Workspace has a new resource that offers terrific advice on how to get there. The Business Transformation Guide for Google Workspace takes you all the way from defining your goals and overcoming obstacles to a roadmap for long-term success with your Google Workspace migration initiative.

The guide is overflowing with incredibly useful information for anyone getting started with Google Workspace for Work, such as:

  • A deep dive into each Google app and its capabilities
  • Suggestions for using the Google Workspace to improve your workflows
  • A migration game plan to drive adoption of Google Workspace among employees
  • A long-term plan to track ROI on the Google Workspace migration

Besides being such an extensive guide, there are two things that are really unique about this document:

  1. It’s published as a Google Doc instead of the usual PDF. Because of this, you can start exploring how Google apps work right away. Plus, they’ve offered the ability to add comments to the file, with the intention of this being a living document that will continue to evolve through collaboration.
  2. Though it specifically pertains to Google Workspace for Work, it offers suggestions that are applicable to adopting any new piece of technology in your organization. Who knows? It just may be your new blueprint for change.

A Google Workspace migration is a great way to empower your employees to be more collaborative and productive. Use this guide to learn what you can expect and how to make the project a real success.


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