Protect Your SaaS: The Definitive Guide to Backup for Salesforce is Here!

Now that you know your way around Salesforce, it’s time to start thinking about protecting the critical data you store in this SaaS application.

Wait. What? Doesn’t Salesforce have data protection covered? Well, yes and no. Salesforce takes great care of your data, ensuring that you are highly unlikely to lose data due to a mistake or emergency on their side of things (like a server malfunction or natural disaster). However, they cannot protect you from mishaps on your side of the equation (like accidental deletion). That’s why Salesforce recommends implementing a third-party backup solution to fully protect data and metadata.

To help you better understand your ownership and responsibility for SaaS data, as well as learn how and why you need to properly protect it with cloud-to-cloud backup and restore, download The Definitive Guide to Backup for Salesforce.

This guide is designed to provide the guidance you need to:

  • Understand the level of protection Salesforce provides;
  • Identify where data protection gaps exist;
  • Understand the sources of SaaS data loss; and,
  • Evaluate and select the right SaaS data protection solution to keep your critical data safe.

The Definitive Guide to Backup for Salesforce