Protecting Google Workspace Data while Managing the User Lifecycle

People change. Roles evolve. That’s inevitable. But data loss doesn’t have to be.

Changes in the Google Workspace user lifecycle can lead to confusion and data loss

We hear stories all the time about how bringing on new employees, losing departing employees, and changing roles within an organization can cause data mismanagement. Sometimes data gets lost, reshuffled, or even deleted, leaving companies in a bind when they discover the loss and need that information back right away. Without it, productivity dips, and companies can even be in danger of non-compliance or security breaches.

Steve Simmons, IT Director and Cloud Architect for AMAG Pharmaceuticals, tells an eye-opening story about data loss due to unexpected changes in the user lifecycle is his customer story. But luckily, he, and customers like him, are able to better handle these changes and protect their critical Google Workspace data with the help of Spanning Backup.

What you should know about managing data throughout the user lifecycle

If this is an issue you or members of your company have struggled with, you won’t want to miss our live Google Hangout webinar, happening Wednesday June 4, 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM. In it, you’ll discover why basic Admin Console capabilities just aren’t enough help in managing all aspects of the user lifecycle – and what you need to do to better manage threats to data safety, including:

  • Best practices to adopt to protect data throughout the user lifecycle
  • Appropriate access levels to establish for compliance and security
  • Procedures and controls that can mitigate the risks of data leakage
  • Data backup and recovery that serves as a safety net when data loss strikes
  • Cost-effective choices for auditing and managing user lifecycles

Event details:

In partnership with BetterCloud (makers of FlashPanel), Spanning is hosting a live webinar via Google Hangouts to present five best practices to keep Google Workspace data safe throughout the entire user lifecycle.

When: Wednesday June 4, 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM, live on Google Hangouts

Where to sign up: click here to to pre-register and add to your calendar  

Expert speakers:

  • Mat Hamlin, Director of Products, Spanning
  • Eli Winderbaum, Director of Customer Success, BetterCloud